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Who we are & what we believe​​. . . 

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Founded 2016 Black Dog Apiaries is sustainable Bee Farming Buisness on the Suffolk Coast producing raw artisan honey and hive products.

Since Spring 2021 we are currently managing 100+ colonies in Suffolk and Norfolk over eight permanent apiaries and ten migratory apiaries.

We produce Early spring honey, Soft Set honey, Late summer honey aswell as some mono forage varieties such as, borrage, field bean, Buckwheat and Suffolk Heather that have won many awards at show aswell as at the Great Taste Awards.

All our honey is cold extracted, filtered and unpasteurised  ensuring it is as near to the way the bees intended it to be.

We are committed to achieving a zero carbon beefarming busniess in the not to distance future. Not a small undertaking; but with commitment to our core values, sustainable husbandry and, reducing and off-setting our carbon food print  we know we can achieve this.

One of our core values at Black Dog Apiaries is about improving diversity and habitats for all pollenators. Through our current Wildflower Seeds project, we gave away free packets of Wildflower Seeds with every jar of honey, we were able to give our honey customers the possibility to sow wildflower seeds in thier own gardens and community. This made it a possible for us to give back two acres worth of additional wild flowers in 2021 and offset some of the Co2 created in our production.

Black Dog Bakehouse

Fast forward to 2020 the start of a very difficult year, due to Covid-19, we opened Black Dog Bakehouse as a means of diversifying with the aim to produce a range of baked goods and confectionary with the purpose of high lighting our Black Dog Honey. All our Black Dog Bakehouse products can be found in our online shop.

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